Doom Raiders


Filmed in 2001 and released in 2002, Doom Raiders is a parody based on all those classic action adventure films like The Mummy, The Jewel in the Nile and of course, the Indiana Jones Trilogy! Doom Raiders was bigger and better than any of our previous film projects. It included both custom sets and extensive location filming across the East Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Whilst a parody, Doom Raiders was the first BYP production to use complete original music, story and characters.

Doom Raiders featured over 100 extras, 3 trucks, 4 horses, 1.5Kg of C4 explosives and 2 helicopters.

Doom Raiders Galleries

Bradley Stone unearthed in Jordan Bradley Stone unearthed in Jordan

Following on from the sensational discovery of a DOOM RAIDERS DVD in HMV, a BYP fan has now dug up another treasure!... [Read more]

Doom Raiders Village Doom Raiders Village

Paramali village was abandoned during the Cyprus troubles. Since then it has been used as a training ground for... [Read more]

Doom Raiders – Jungle – Scene 2 Doom Raiders – Jungle – Scene 2

Just outside of Limassol near the huge salt lake is a tree plantation that was ideally suited for a jungle scene.... [Read more]

Doom Raiders Kouros Dam – 23 Oct – Sc 14 Doom Raiders Kouros Dam – 23 Oct – Sc 14

With the help of the Cypriot National Guard, Kouros Dam was used during the truck chase. When the soldier is waving... [Read more]

Doom Raiders – Tomb of the Kings Doom Raiders – Tomb of the Kings

Tomb of the Kings was actually a burial place for ordinary citizens, not kings. The tombs made excellent sets for... [Read more]

Doom Raiders Helicopters Doom Raiders Helicopters

For the truck chase and helicopter lift, we had to film on a day, time and location that the helicopters would... [Read more]

Doom Raiders German Camp Doom Raiders German Camp

This location was actually built inside the Episkopi Theatre Club building. This was very handy as we had mains... [Read more]

Doom Raiders Cave Doom Raiders Cave

Larnia Rock was used in 2 scenes: Discovery of the Idol and the film finale – the joining. Originally, the... [Read more]

Doom Raiders – Bar – Oct 14 – Sc 3 Doom Raiders – Bar – Oct 14 – Sc 3

This was a real bar located at RAF Akrotiri. We were lucky enough to have real dancers from Limassol to add to... [Read more]

Doom Raiders – School – Oct 13 – Sc 4 Doom Raiders – School – Oct 13 – Sc 4

A real classroom was used to teach the little darlings. Filming with the youngans was great fun, especially when... [Read more]